NO to Damaging our Small Town Character

Louisville Deserves Better!

Wrong for our Small Town Character.

    • Three Million square feet is

      • Twice as Big as the old StorageTek campus.

      • 23 former Sam’s Clubs or 30 Louisville Recreation Centers (including parking lots.)

    • Five-story buildings, which is Two Stories Higher than any other Louisville building.

    • Significantly More Traffic: 96th street will see an 55-77% increase in traffic.

    • Intersections with Long Wait Times all along the perimeter of the development.

Wrong for our Environment. Wrong for our Climate.

  • 20,000+ Additional Car Trips will increase traffic congestion diminishing air quality across our community

  • Develops Acres of previously untouched, Pristine Sensitive Wildlife Habitats north of Disk Drive.

  • This Car-Dependent Development means MORE Air Pollution and an INCREASED Carbon Footprint contributing to Climate Change

Wrong for Recovery

    • Displaced residents should be our first priority, but a Denver-based investment firm wants to divert critical resources away from Louisville families rebuilding their damaged and destroyed homes.

    • City resources are needed to rebuild critical infrastructure, and expedite planning, permitting, and inspection services for homeowners who are rebuilding. Not serving the needs of a developer building a sprawling office park that threatens our small town character and clogs up our roads with traffic.

    • Managing the logistics of rebuilding hundreds of homes simultaneously, while initiating a commercial development that represents 8% of Louisville's land, will strain City Staff and could create significant delays for homeowners.

    • Let’s get people from Louisville home first!

VOTE NO to Preserve Louisville's Small Town Character