Who We Are

Grassroots Movement of Residents who Believe Right-size Growth protects our Citizens, Businesses, Open Space, and Wildlife.

We are Louisville Citizens who Believe:

  • Sustainable, Right-size Growth keeps our town Vibrant and Livable.

  • Right-size Growth means using vacant buildings and open lots in existing tech centers - Colorado Tech Center and Centennial Valley.

  • Right-sized Growth is best for our Citizens, Businesses and Wildlife.

  • Displaced residents should be The Priority for our city’s limited resources which are under increased fiscal stress due to Marshall Fire Recovery efforts.


As a Colorado based organization that advocates for eco-social justice issues, Tindakan is against the destruction of Colorado's natural heritage. The Redtail Ridge development proposed by Bru Baukol will significantly destroy precious wildlife habitat. Furthermore, this development will increase traffic congestion while furthering to misprioritize those affected by the fires. Overall, it will blemish Louisville's character and authentic small town charm. It opens the door to more atrocious sprawl and the amount of open space to be preserved by this development is simply not enough. Those in support of this poorly designed development have resorted to muddying the waters, fear mongering and tapping into dark money in it's attempt to hoodwink the residents of Louisville into supporting this flawed development plan. That in of itself is disturbing -Jeremy Gregory, Director Tindakan

Supporting the beauty, value and function of our urban waterway since 2021. We strive to make the Coal Creek corridor better for all its uses: recreation, residential and agriculture.

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Ashley Stolzmann, Louisville Mayor

Kyle Brown, Louisville Council Member

Maxine Most, Louisville Council Member

Angele Sjong

Bernard Raibley

Bev Snyder

Bob Muckle, Former Louisville Mayor

Bob Musslewhite

Brian Stolzman

Casey Lyons

Cathleen Wharton, Ph.D.

Cathy Summerville

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Cindy Bedell

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Laura Myers-Wagner, SPHR, SCP, CPCC

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