NO to MASSIVE Urban Sprawl

Sprawling Redtail Ridge proposal will DAMAGE Louisville's SMALL TOWN CHARACTER

Redtail Ridge will dwarf Monarch and Avista Campuses

  • Up to 3.3 Million square feet of Urban Sprawl. By comparison, the StorageTek Campus was 1.6 Million square feet.

  • Buildings and parking lots covering 297 acres, nearly 50% more land then Davidson Mesa.

  • Redtail Ridge will be the same size as:

    • 23 of the former Sam’s Clubs.

    • 15 Avista Hospitals.

    • 30 Louisville Recreation Centers.

Vote NO to Massive Development!

Redtail Ridge plan includes the TALLEST buildings in Louisville.

  • Allowances for Five-story Buildings in a town with no building rise above above three stories.

  • These high rises will Obstruct Mountain Views and are Inconsistent with our Small Town Character.

Vote NO to Preserve our Small Town Character!