NO to Increased Congestion

Redtail Ridge will increase Congestion and Pollution and Accelerate Climate Change.

Redtail Ridge Traffic will Diminish our Quality of Life.

  • The developer’s own traffic study projects a staggering 20,000+ additional vehicle trips per day more than doubling daily 96th Street traffic volume.

  • Two new Stoplights with long wait times will triple the time it takes to travel south on 96th from Pine St to 36.

  • Traffic along Highway 36, Dillon Rd, 96th and 88th Streets will increase up to 77%

  • 96th Street between Dillon Road and NW parkway will become a busy 4 lane road by 2025 substantially increasing commute times from downtown Louisville to HWY 36 and 470.

  • 7X Traffic volume increase on the planned Campus Parkway extension Erasing any Increased Capacity Benefit for the the Monarch Campus.

  • This car-dependent development means MORE Air Pollution and an INCREASED Carbon Footprint contributing to Climate Change. .

New Infrastructure will Require TAXPAYER FUNDING.

  • Widening Dillon, 96th St., 88th St., Campus Parkway to 4 lanes.

  • New traffic lights at three intersections.

  • New Dual and Triple turn lanes at 5 major intersections surrounding the site.

    • One on NW Pkwy

    • Two on 88th St.

    • Three on 96th St.

The Louisville City Council VOTED AGAINST Staff Recommendations to REQUIRE THE DEVELOPER to PAY for these Public Infrastructure improvements

    • Staff recommended the Cost of All Near-term Transportation Improvements, on-site and off-site, be paid for by developer because "All of these Improvements are Fully Necessitated" to ensure adequate levels of service due to the Impact of Redtail Ridge

    • The City’s Long-range Plans Do Not Include ANY of the Improvements.

  • Louisville taxpayers will also be on the hook for long-term infrastructure maintenance and repair obligations.

A NO VOTE means the Redtail Ridge plan will be revised under a Public Review Process.