NO to a NEW Economic Burden

Redtail Ridge is NOT a NET POSITIVE for our community. It creates NEW Economic Burdens.

Louisville can’t fill existing Commercial and Industrial space.

  • Louisville has 6.6 Million square feet of commercial and industrial space, much of which is undeveloped or vacant.

  • Louisville already has two existing industrial parks: Colorado Tech Center (CTC) and Centennial Valley with many vacancies and commercial pads available.

  • After 20 years, over 20% of land in Centennial Valley remains undeveloped and nearly 7% of land in the CTC is also undeveloped.

  • Many buildings in the city remain vacant and many lots remain available for development (e.g. Alfalfa's, Kohl’s, Outback, Carabba’s).

  • Redtail Ridge will siphon tenants from Louisville's existing commercial and industrial property.

At 80% buildout - which could take 20+ yrs. - annual net fiscal benefit is $1.2M. This revenue is negligable when compared with environmental and quality of life impacts of this massive development.

Industrial parks do not significantly contribute to the Louisville's tax base and economy.

  • Louisville derives the Majority of its Revenue from Sales Tax.

  • Redtail Ridge employees will be closer and have easier access to Broomfield which is where promised retail sales tax benefits will accrue.

  • The net fiscal impact of $1.2 Million is a projection based on achieving 80% buildout which may take years or may never happen.

  • The net fiscal impact of $1.2 Million in annual tax revenue Does Not Account for Tax Incentives that Louisville routinesly offers to new businesses.

  • Previous developments have fallen short of their projected positive fiscal impact and end up increasing taxpayer burden for infrastructure improvements and maintenance.

An Unfunded Mandate

  • The Developer’s traffic study calls for Numerous Transportation Improvements to accommodate the Sprawling Development as 20,000+ new car trips overwhelm local roads, especially 96th Street north of Dillon.

  • The Louisville City Council IGNORED Staff Recommendation to REQUIRE THE DEVELOPER to PAY for all these improvements

  • Louisville taxpayers will also be on the hook for long-term infrastructure maintenance and repair obligations.

Avista's FUTURE does not Depend on this Vote.

  • Avista Hospital is exploring Future Growth opportunities in Louisville. Redtail Ridge is JUST AN OPTION.

  • Avista has No Plan to Move Outside of Louisville.

  • According to an Avista Senior Executive, Regardless of the Election Outcome, Avista would "like to work with Louisville to explore the possibility of relocating to the site".

A NO VOTE means No New Economic Burden on Louisville Taxpayers.