NO to Misleading, Unfounded Claims

Avista Hospital's Future DOES NOT Depend on This Vote

Monarch's Campus Drive Extension DOES NOT Depend on This Vote

Avista has NO PLANS to MOVE Outside of Louisville

  • Avista Hospital is exploring Future Growth opportunities in Louisville. Redtail Ridge is JUST AN OPTION.

  • According to Statements from Dean Sanpei, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Avista Hospital, March 1, 2022.

    • Avista Hospital is assessing opportunities for future growth in Louisville.

    • The outcome of the special election will have no impact on the hospital’s internal decision making.

    • Regardless of the election outcome, Avista will work with the City of Louisville to explore the possibility of relocating to this site.

Avista Wants to stay in Louisville REGARDLESS of Election Outcome

FIGURE 1: ConocoPhillips Plan includes Campus Drive Extension.

FIGURE 2: Louisville 2019 Master Transportation Plan includes Campus Drive Extension

Monarch's Campus Drive Extension has been included in EVERY Development Plan for this property.

  • Campus Drive Extension is Included in the 2010 ConocoPhillips Plan that was passed under the leadership of former Mayor Chuck Sisk. (See Section 1.7, ConocoPhillips Plan Document)

  • Campus Drive Extension is also included in Louisville’s 2019 Transportation MASTER PLAN (Figure 2, Note G)

Monarch Schools NEED BOTH Emergency Access and Better Daily Access!

  • With the size of the Redtail Ridge plan, Traffic Congestion will be a Disaster for Emergency Access because of the ALL the Additional Vehicles in the area

  • A Yes vote approves a Massive Development plan with 20,000+ vehicles trips per day. The Massive Size and 20 year construction effort, means Traffic will get Much Worse on the Campus Drive Extension as the site is built out.

  • Traffic Volume will increase 7X on the Campus Drive Extension Growing from 1,700 to 12,200 vehicles per day, according to the Developer's consultant (Fox Tuttle Traffic Study, 2021).

  • This Increased Traffic Volume NEGATES the Benefit that the Campus Drive Extension provides.

  • Discussions about Expedited Plans for Emergency access to the Monarch Campus, supported by the city of Louisville, are in the hands of BVSD and the Boulder County.

A NO VOTE re-sets the process, allows a Right-Sized Development and Campus Drive Extension to BETTER ADDRESS Monarch's Traffic Issues