Say NO to Redtail Ridge

Join Mayor Stolzmann, Matt Jones, Council Members Brown & Most and former Mayor Bob Muckle


VOTE NO on April 19th

in the Special Local Election

a NO VOTE Supports ...

  • Right-size Development

  • Re-setting the Process

  • Purposeful Open Space

  • Economic Vitality

  • Small Town Character

a NO VOTE Rejects ...

  • MASSIVE Sprawl

  • Road-Clogging TRAFFIC

  • New Economic Burden

  • Meager Open Space

  • New 4-Lane Roads

What is the Redtail Ridge vote about?

    • Redtail Ridge is a Massive, Sprawling, 390 acre Development proposed at the former StorageTek site by Brue Baukol Capital Partners, a private equity firm specializing in real estate investment.

    • The development includes 3.0 Million Square feet of Industrial and Commercial space (up to 3.3 Million Square feet with incentives) and Enormous Parking Lots.

    • The Louisville City Council turned the development appproval decision over to the voters in a Special Election being held on April 19, 2022 with a Single Question on the Ballot.

Shall Louisville Ordinance No. 1811, Series 2021, An Ordinance Approving the First Amendment to ConocoPhillips Campus General Development Plan (Redtail Ridge Master Plan), be approved?

A NO VOTE REJECTS the current Redtail Ridge Plan that will then be Revised under a Public Review Process.